21st Century Community Learning Center

21st Century Community Learning Center

Note from our Site Coordinator

The 21st Century Program provides a safe place for our local youth to come after school to continue to learn and grow. Our activities are created to support the public schools in educating our youth. All lessons are designed within state standards and are engaging and age appropriate.

Our afternoons at ABM 21stCCLC are an opportunity for our local youths to participate in fun and challenging physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual educational programs.

Whether it be a lesson, game, drama club, cultural activity, physical fitness or just time with friends, or one of our many other offerings, the 21st Century is always engaging, safe and fun.

Learning Site Coordinator, Melanie Greaves, has over 25 years experience teaching and working with all ages and learning styles.

We make learning fun

It's difficult for students to stay motivated in school when they don't understand the material. At our 21st Century Community Learning Center, your child can get personalized academic support like tutoring. When your child is excited to learn new things, better grades and confidence are sure to follow.

Enroll your child in our free after-school programs today.

The Mission

The mission of the 21st Century Program is to provide a safe, and engaging place for students to go to during after school hours, and during school vacations. The staff provide tutoring for all subjects, as well as helping students find their success in school. The 21st Century Program also supports in school learning and participation, by providing fun, and inviting after school activities. This helps keep the kids excited about in school assignments, and after school learning activities. Having fun in and out of school ensures that our kids keep coming back for more.

Some of the programs implemented within our club include, The STEM program. Which is a curriculum based on the idea of educating students in four specific disciplines - science, technology, engineering and mathematics - in an interdisciplinary and applied approach. Smart Moves, which encourages our youth to get up and get moving! The T.R.A.I.L. program, which is a diabetes prevention based health, and nutrition learning program. Slice & Dice is another great asset to our curriculum that we offer, which teaches youth kitchen basics and safety. Culture Smart and Culture Crafts are some fun ways to get our kids engaged in cultural activities that surround the area and help encourage them to learn about different cultures within themselves, the club, and around the world.

Opportunities are available to extend physical fitness are provided through "Open Gym" at UMPI, Drop In trips to the indoor pool, and our Ski 4 Life program that comes to life every winter, at Big Rock mountain in Mars Hill.

On a typical day here at our club, you'd be able to see children, as well as our staff, enthralled in any number of our after school learning programs and/or Crafting activities. With laughter and learning in everything we do, we strive to create a happy and healthy, home-like feel that keeps our youth, our staff, and our parents feeling safe and secure, ensuring that people keep coming back for more.

Due to COVID-19, our students are homebound, and the laughter that once bounced around our halls has suddenly come to a halt. It's an unfortunate situation, but we have come together in this time of fear and uncertainty, and have helped our club members and their families have a slight piece of mind through these troubling times. By keeping our programs open and converting them into online, virtual programs, families can now experience our club in a very new and exciting way! Launching online tutoring programs and homework help, to not just the students, but to the parents as well, has helped our club grow in ways we are very proud of.